Why Do We Pray?

Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. It is the place where pride is abandoned, hope is lifted, and supplication is made. Prayer is the place of admitting our need, of adopting humility, and claiming dependence upon God. Prayer is the needful practice of the Christian. Prayer is the exercise of faith and hope. Prayer is the privilege of touching the heart of the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." James 4:8

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:6-7

Father, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.

Hands closed in prayer on an open bible

Please pray for Russ Stehle.  Russ in is ICU at the Villages Hospital in serious condition.  Your prayers for Russ and his wife, Kathy, will be helpful and appreciated.

Harriet Dawson is asking for prayers for a friend, Carole Clausen.  Carole had recent hip surgery and is now suffering from extreme post surgical pain.  Your prayers for comfort, healing and relief will be a blessing.

Diane Dresbach is asking for prayers for Helga York, a member who moved up north to be closer to family. She fell and fractured her neck at levels C1,C2 and is in a hard neck collar for at least 3 months. Please pray for healing, pain relief and comfort.

Prayer request from Shelia and Wayne Hathaway. This past Sunday Wayne"s youngest daughter, age 53, had a severe brain bleed with no chance of survival. She is on a ventilator and is not in pain. Please pray for her young family and Wayne and Sheila at this very difficult time in their lives.

Pray for Carol Andreasian will be having a heart procedure on 6/17.  Pray for successful surgery and quick recovery.

Cathy and Mike Koons are asking for prayer for Evie Read from Minnesota.. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer throughout most of her body. Please pray for healing, strength and comfort for this sweet lady.

Pray for Don Peterson, our sound and streaming company owner.  Don, and wife Barbara, have become good friends and most helpful to our church.  Pray for Don who is having a partial knee replacement surgery on June 25th.

Pray for Bonnie Pearson.  Bonnie will be having a reverse shoulder replacement surgery on June 25th.  Pray for successful surgery and quick recovery for our friend Bonnie.

Prayer request from Darla Webb:  Please pray for friend and neighbor Frances Singer.  She has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

Please pray for the family of Rose Reitmyer.  Rose passed away at The Villages Hospital on Tuesday evening, 6/8/21.  Rose and her daughter Cathy have been faithful members of our church and our hearts go out to Cathy at this difficult time.  If you would like to send a card or note to Cathy:  Cathy Reitmyer, 17528 SE 108th Terrace, Summerfield, FL  34491.

Prayer request from Penny Stinton:  "My friends husband had a fall at his church and broke his hip.  He is in rehab in Ocala.  Pray for John Bellacicco".  Thank you.  UPDATE 6/1/21   "John is home from rehab and recovery is looking good. Thanks for your prayers."

Penny Stinton asks for prayer for the family of her water aerobics teacher, Jeanne Marciante.   Jeanne lost her battle with colon cancer this morning 6/3/21.  May God give her family and friends peace and comfort.

Prayer Request Prayer request and update from Cindy Robinson:  "Please pray for the granddaughter of a friend of mine. Her name is Fiona, 4 years old, and she had a Wilms tumor on her kidney. They removed the kidney and she has been going thru chemo for the past 8 months, in and out of the hospital, taking steroids and just having a hard time being a kid!"  Let's pray for Fiona and her family. UPDATE 5/31/21:  "I just got an update on Fiona. She was supposed to come home from the hospital but now she has a fever and some fluid on her lungs. She's on some oxygen to help her breathe. They don't think it's an infection but might be a virus. She's a tough little cookie!"  We are sending a prayer shawl to Fiona that we dedicated in our service Sunday.  Please keep praying.

Diane & Rick Nelli are asking for prayers for a friend and neighbor Charlotte Grubb, Charlotte was recently diagnosed with a rare and inoperable form of Hip cancer. She is unable to walk. She is currently being treated with radiation by Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Please pray for Charlotte for a good outcome.


Please pray for Donna Changelo.  Donna and Rocco attend our church regularly during the winter months.  Donna is having surgery on her Achilles Tendon on June 26th.  Pray for good results and recovery.  If you want to send a card use Donna's summer address: 331 Springfield Road, Wilmington, NY 12997.

Mary Starkweather is requesting prayers for her friend's 69 yr old cousin who is in ICU with internal bleeding. He lives in Thousand Oaks ,Ca. Please pray for Tom Mahan and family.

Pray for Pamela Hanover.  Pamela is currently home in Massachusetts with her two puppies.  She has been having a severe problem with pain that has effected her mobility.  Pray for Pamela to find relief.

Please pray for Natalie Andrews.  Natalie is having some atrial fibrillation issues.  She is currently working with a doctor in Leesburg trying to find the best solution.  Your prayers will help.

Prayer request from Penny Zwicker:  "Would you please add my Niece (karen Orcutt’s daughter) to the prayer list? Kerilyn Bristow, Woodstock VT fell down a flight of stairs and had surgery on her back for nerve damage and bone fragments to be removed. She also suffered a head wound and brain bleed and has been in severe pain. The prognosis is good for her recovery but it will be lengthy. It was necessary to put a rod in her back. Thank you in advance. Keri has attended church here in the Villages many times when she was with her parents Karen and Bill Orcutt."  Join us in prayers for Kerilyn.

Prayer request from Lynne Moyer:  "I am asking for prayers for the 54 year old daughter of a lifelong friend who was just diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  Also, my daughter's sister-in-law who was just diagnosed with the same glioblastic brain  tumor.  Both wonderful women and their families desperately need our love and prayers!"

Please pray for Star and Jay Steward, friends of the Keoughs in Michigan. They were in a car accident recently. Jay was recently released from ICU and Star is home. Please pray for healing and a successful outcome. Thank you.

Prayers are needed for a good friend of Mary Ellen Kresel from Arizona.  Maureen Pugsley is in the final stages of cancer and has chosen not to do any more chemo. She is trying to live out her life with dignity and peace.

Prayers are needed for Mary Ellen Kresel's sister-in-law, Pat Coburn.  She is under a great deal of physical and emotional stress.

Mary Ellen Kresel is asking for prayers for her brother and family as his alzheimer's is worsening. The family is looking for daycare for additional assistance. This is a very difficult time for Mary Ellen and her family. Please pray for comfort.

A special request from Darla Webb for a friend:  "Send a card, please! I would greatly appreciate if you could send a card to my grandson. He needs cheering up.  Two & 1/2 months ago I had a successful kidney transplant. I am so grateful. However, at the same I was in surgery my grandson was air lifted to Duke Hospital for an open heart surgery. It was discovered that he has a cancerous tumor called Cardiac Angiosarcoma in his heart. Our grandson Jasper Jawanda is only 16 years old.  The survival rate is 6-10 months. It is rare for much more. There is no cure. It would bring great joy to him if you could kindly send him a card.  The message should just be that he is in your prayers. Thank you in advance.  Send to: Jasper S. Jawanda, 660 N. Fort Bragg Rd., Southern Pines NC 28387."

A friend of Bev Greene is requesting prayers for Bill Edwards from Virginia. He has been newly diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Please pray for Bill and his family for successful treatment and outcome.

Prayer request from Karin Roosa:  "My sister-in-law, Joan, has been fighting Multiple Myeloma for 7 plus years.  She is currently in the hospital at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.  She has multiple problems. Update from Karin; My sister-in law has had surgery and radiation and has been released from Mayo Clinic. Her spirits are good and she is healing. Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for Mike Howard. Mike has been recuperating in rehab after a surgical procedure on his arm for several months.  Now Mike is scheduled for a knee replacement surgery on May 25th.  Your prayers will be appreciated.

Danny and Pam Sabo are asking for prayers for Danny's brother Paul Van Jura. Paul was visiting family in NC, fell breaking his hip and had surgery. He is presently in a rehab center in NC and will be returning to Ohio in 10-12 days when he is well enough. He also has Parkinsons disease and needs prayers for healing and a successful rehab. The Sabo's thank everyone for your prayers.

Please pray for Kevin Hensley.  Kevin is an Air Force veteran and the donor of the United States flag that is displayed in our church narthex.  He flew the flag in Afghanistan on one of his deployments and donated it to our church for display.  Kevin has been leading a national effort to get benefits for "Burn Pit" victims and their families and our church has supported him financially and with prayers.. Kevin now has COVID and it is very serious because of his lung damage from service time.

Please pray for Gale Wigner.  Gale has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.  He has had several surgical procedures  If you want to send a card:  6819 Williams Lake Rd., Waterford, MI  48329.

Janet Moe is requesting prayers for good friends in New Hampshire.  Pip and Cecile Adams.  Pip had emergency surgery. Pip is presently home and prayers are still needed for a full recovery. Please pray for him and their family/friends.

Prayers are needed for a young woman named Danielle who lives here in Florida. She relapsed back into her drug addiction and she and her family are struggling to survive this challenge. Please pray for daily strength and healing

Please pray for Jean Gorney and her family. Jean just was informed that she has 3 lumps on and near her pancreas and will be seeing a specialist to determine a definitive diagnosis. Jean saw her Dr. today and he feels her masses are not cancer. She will have a MRI every 6 months to check things. Praise the Lord, He is good. Thank you all so much for your prayers and cards.

Karen Roosa is requesting prayers for her "quilting sister" Mary Ann Sasenick, who is undergoing chemo treatments for breast cancer. Please pray for successful treatments and comfort for her and her fami

Ruth McGuy is asking for prayers for her dear friend Barbara O'Donnell whose colon cancer has come back and has spread to her chest and neck. She will be receiving chemo for a year. Please pray for successful treatment and healing.

Art Wilmeth asks for prayers for Cheryn Conly.  Cheryn, a good Christian,  is in rehab and working toward recovering from an illness.

Leslie Adams is asking for prayers for 6 month old Amoya Lopez who is in the hospital in Gainsville waiting for a heart transplant. She is the infant of one of the women who come to the Infant and Toddler Pantry. Please pray for this little one and her family.

Bill Deysher is requesting prayers for his son-in-law Scott Rofofsky who has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal and liver cancer. Please pray for comfort and successful treatment. Bill greatly appreciates your prayers and concern.

Sylvia Walden is asking for prayers for her sister Suzanne who is visiting for a few months. Her sister just received an update on her stage 4 cancer that has been in remission and now has re-emerged with a new tumor in her hip and lesions on her liver. She will be getting radiation treatments here until 3/10. Prayers are needed for God's healing touch and pain relief.

Pray for calm, patience and peace for our world and society.  The pandemic, troubles in Washington, economic distress and more are causing the very fabric of our lives to be ripped and shredded.  Tension in homes and marriages.  A rise in the suicide rate.  Schools reporting increased behavioral problems.  We need to pray for serenity and an end to the turmoil.  Our bodies will have an increased negative reaction to this culture of anger.  Sickness of every type will increase.  Calm down and pray.

Please pray for Bob Gorney's brother, Anthony.  Anthony is dealing with cancer and the treatments.  Pray for strength and comfor

Please pray for infant, Mika Scott, he was born with several birth issues.  He will have surgery soon in Orlando.  He was born on 12/6/20 and weighed 6 lbs 9 oz.  His family is assisted by our Infant and Toddler Pantry..

Please pray for John Robertson.   John has a number of medical issues.    Also, pray for his wife Dorothy as she helps him deal with the situation.

Please pray for Dawn Payzant.  Dawn has attended our services many times and is a good friend of Nancy Doggett.  Dawn lives in Nova Scotia.  She is currently suffering from an advancing case of Parkinson's Disease.

Pray for Steve Feustel.  Steve is home having rehab and overcoming the effects of a stroke.  Pray for Steve and Beth.

Please pray for Billie Thatcher's sister, Mary Lou Kovacs.  Mary Lou is suffering with severe memory issues.  Pray for her and husband Ron.

Please pray for Frank Szczepanski.  Frank is having lung infection treatments that will last up to 24 months.  The side effects from the medications have caused him to lose his hearing which will not likely return.  Also pray for his wife, Vi, as they struggle through this difficult time together.

Sally Gillies, a friend and from Michigan, is having procedures and treatments for stage 3 cancer. Please pray for Sally to have strength, hope and healing.

Please pray for Tami Blaze.  Tami has worked in our Infant & Toddler Pantry.  She has been bravely battling health issues for several years.

Continue to pray for Cathy Reitmyer as she is recovering from heart issues.

Please pray for Bennie Exum's son, David, who suffers from pulmonary fibrosis.

Pray for the necessary reforms to be brought about that will establish unity and justice for all citizens of our country.  May economic justice, police reform and an end to racism be established.

Pray for the families of the police officers and individuals who have been killed in the recent violence in our country.  Pray for the store and business owners who have lost everything to the senseless violence of the last few weeks.

Pray for peace to return to the cities and towns of our country.  Pray to stop the violence, looting and hatred.  Give our leaders the wisdom to take the actions necessary to restore order.

Please pray for Cathy Kivitt, the sister-in-law of Charles and Kathy Kivitt, she is battling cancer and other health issues.  Pray for healing, comfort and strength.

Pray for the many people around the world who are suffering from the coronavirus.  Pray to stop the spread of this virus, halt the panic, heal the many children and elderly it is afflicting.

The children who visit our Infant and Toddler Pantry and their families.

Pray for the success of our new church programs: The Memorial Garden, and The Infant and Toddler Literacy Program.  Thank you.

If you have a prayer request contact Dawn Keough at:  Nana6bn5g@aol.com
or call the pastor at 352-250-6160.