Why Do We Pray?

Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. It is the place where pride is abandoned, hope is lifted, and supplication is made. Prayer is the place of admitting our need, of adopting humility, and claiming dependence upon God. Prayer is the needful practice of the Christian. Prayer is the exercise of faith and hope. Prayer is the privilege of touching the heart of the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." James 4:8

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:6-7

Father, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.

Hands closed in prayer on an open bible


Please pray for the Keough's granddaughter, Anna, who is scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow, 10/6 at 1:30 p.m. in Hastings, Nebraska.

Please pray for Carolyn Baker as she is recovering from a recent stay in the hospital. She is the best of friends with Jeff and Jesse Edwards and usually travels to church with them every Sunday. Pray for comfort and healing. Thank you.

Virginia Hampton is requesting prayers for herself as she has been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. She will be beginning treatment on Monday 10/3. Please also pray for her husband and family as they all go through this difficult time. Thank you.

Please pray for Michael Mehle a retired teacher from Boyertown, Pennsylvania area who is in the hospital with cancer testing and treatment.  Pray for strength and healing.

Pray for Greta Wenger.  Greta is on the school volleyball team with Pastor Keough's granddaughter, Bronwyn.  Greta was struck in the head with a ball and has a concussion.  Pray for healing.

Pray for all those who have suffered a loss during the recent hurricane Ian.  Pray for those who have lost loved ones, those who are recovering from injuries and those who have lost their homes/property.  Pray also for the success of our church Hurricane Ian Relief Fund so we can help restore and minister to those who are hurting.

Please pray for Bob Dawson's daughter who lives in North Port, Florida.  Bob and Harriet have been trying to reach her without success thus far.  Pray for her safety and for the Dawson's who have several friends in the North Port area.

Please pray for Rick Nelli.  Rick, our cameraman and Newsletter editor, is in The Villages Hospital.  He has COVID and some other medical issues.  Pray for healing and strength.  Also, pray for his wife Diane during his treatment and recovery.

Please pray for Jessie Edwards.  Jessie had a fall while volunteering at the Infant and Toddler Pantry.  She has a fracture of the hip and had surgery on Friday, September 30th at The Villages Hospital.  Pray for successful rehab and recovery.  Also, pray for her husband Jeff as he provides care for her.  Thank you.Update: Jessie has been transferred to Chatham Glen Rehab. facility. Please pray for a successful rehab. and that she can return to her home soon.

Please pray for Libby Regans daughter Erin. She has an abdominal aortic aneurysm which is going to need surgery very soon. Pray to guide the surgeons hands and for a successful outcome and rehab. Thank you.

Please say a prayer for Pam and John.  They are looking for a place to rent that is quiet and private.  Pray that they are led to a place to live that provides them with the comfortable situation they desire.  Thank you.

A request from Leslie Muhlhauser :  pray for John, 24 year old nephew, who is battling some mental issues in York, Pa.  John needs are prayers that he can receive the help and care he needs, stabilize his medications, and find peace.  Please pray for John.

Jan Doran needs our prayers as she is going through a difficult time right now. God knows her needs and concerns. Thank you a

Please pray for Bill Masters.  Bill is having heart procedures in Michigan and needs our prayers.  The Masters family are friends of the Keoughs and the Starkweathers from the Pontiac Congregational Church.  Pray for successful surgery and good recovery.

Patty Adams is asking for prayers for her sister, Peggy Brennaman.  Peggy is in need of a lung transplant.  At just 4' 10" it requires someone small in stature to be the donor.  Peggy is currently in Indiana University Hospital.  Pray for a donor, successful surgery and complete recovery.  Thank you.

A prayer request from Leslie Muhlhauser for her brother-in-law, Thomas Gerz.  Thomas has had two bouts with cancer and successfully overcame the issues.  However, he was recently diagnosed with cancer again and there is fear it mighty involve the Pancreas.  Please pray for a miracle and the strength to move forward.  Update:  Thomas has restarted chemo.  Hoping to make a trip in October for a family celebration.  Continue to pray,

Please pray for a former church member in MI. Sally Gilles, who has a history of cancer and just recently sustained a fall. She is currently in the hospital but hopefully will be able to return home with help from friends. Thank you all.

Please pray for Carol Andreasian.  She will be going to Moffitt in Tampa for scans of her lungs.  Pray that the tests and procedures bring a successful result.  We ask for healing and strength for Carol.

Prayers are requested for Beth Bowen who lost her husband in March and also lost her dog just this am.

Leslie Muhlhauser and Leo VanderMeer are requesting prayers for family friends and neighbors of Crystal age 51, who was killed in a tragic road rage incident in Va. Update: The 22 year old who shot Crystal has been charged with 2nd degree murder.  Basically two lives have been wasted over this awful incident.  Pray for all involved.

Please pray for Shirley Boothroyd who is in West Marion Hospital.  Shirley had a fall which fortunately did not cause any serious injury.  However, it was discovered that she has low sodium and COVID, She is in good spirits but would appreciate our prayers.  Thank

Tami Blaze is requesting prayers as she is going to Shands hospital on August 31st for an ablation on her head. She has had one successful ablation, but the last two did not work. She remains in constant pain and has lost 30 pounds since she has worked at the panrtry.  She is also asking for prayers for her brother Bill who has Parkinsons and brother-in-law Pete who is suffering with Alzheimer's. Thank you for your prayers and concern.

A prayer request from First Congregational Church in Clarkston, Michigan.  Lori, the church administrator, asks for prayers for her sister who suffered a stroke recently.  Pray for Janet to receive healing and stre

Please pray for Chad Skaggs, a former US Marshall, and his family who are going through a very difficult time presently. Thank you.

Libby Regen is requesting prayers for her nephew Danny Bethard who has been battling bladder cancer for over 2 years.  He will be having additional bladder surgery on August 15th. Please pray for a successful surgery and a positive outcome.

Mary Starkweather is requesting prayers for Ray Arterburn who lives in Stonecrest. He recently had a heart attack, airlifted to Shands and had open heart surgery. He is currently at Chatham Glen Rehab. Please pray for a successful rehab and for his family.

Please pray for Edward Simon.  Ed is a veteran and is suffering from the effects of agent orange.  He is currently in rehab due to an infection.  His wife Cleo is a member of our church family and requests our prayers for Ed.  Pray for strength, healing and faith.

Please pray for Harriet Dawson's sister-in-law, Toni Klausler.  Toni is in Hospice following complications from congestive heart failure.. Pray for strength for this difficult battle.  Also pray for friends and family.

Joyce Hutchinson is requesting prayers for her landscaper Logan LeCompte. He was in a horrific automobile accident the end of July and is in the burn unit on a ventilator at Shands Hospital with burns over 1/2 of his body. Please pray for pain relief and healing for this 23 year old. Thank you all.

Ken Roth is requesting prayers for his wife Kay who will be going to Winnie Palmer Hospital soon for cancer surgery. He also requested a prayer shaw for her. Please also pray for Ken as he goes through this difficult time with Kay. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

Request from Jim and Nancy Reid: Please pray for Denny Nurre, a friend, who had a golf cart accident.  He has serious burns from battery acid along with 3 broken ribs.   He also suffers from a broken clavicle and numerous cuts/abrasions.  He will be in Shands for treatment and recovery.  Pray for Denny to have healing and strength for this difficult battle. A prayer shaw is also requested for Denny.

Darla Webb is requesting prayers for Bruce Taylor {79} who is in the latter stages of dementia as a result of multiple heart surgeries. Please pray for comfort for Bruce and his family. Thank you.

The Keough's are asking for prayers for Joyce Bryant, the mother of our daughter Danielle's friend. Joyce has a mass penetrating her brain and also has indications of blood cancer from testing done. She is having a biopsy of the mass on Monday am 7/31. Please pray for comfort and peace for Joyce and her family. Thank you.

Mary Starkweather is requesting prayers for Natalie Andrews. She has a lesion on her lung and is going to Moffitt for treatment. She wants to thank everyone for their prayers for her great-grandson Jameson. He is growing and doing well. Natalie thanks everyone for the stability the church offers her. Please pray for successful treatment and recovery.

Jessie Edwards and family are requesting prayers for Dorothy Gruendler a friend who plays piano with their daughter at their church.  Dorothy, age 61, is in the hospital with COVID and pneumonia.  Pray for healing and strength.

Mary Starkweather is requesting prayers for Linda Walk, CPA, who is part of the churches' financial team, fell and injured her head. She is currently recovering at home. Please pray for healing and strength.

Barry and Ginny Evans are requesting prayers for their youngest son Craig. Craig had a colonoscopy and a cancerous mass was found. He will be having radiation and chemo for an extended period of time and then surgery in February. Please pray for successful treatment and surgery. Ginny and Barry thank you all so very much and miss you al

Please pray for Nancy Doggett's daughter-in-law, Janet Doggett.  Janet was recently diagnosed with liver cancer.  Pray for strength and healing.  Also, pray for Janet's family as they support her and care for her

Natalie Andrews asks for continued prayers for her great-great-grandson Jamison Sharp.  Jamison was born early Sunday morning, 6/26, and was in life threatening difficulty.  However, thank God and the prayers of many, he has rallied and is expected to do

Please pray for Dottie Landermann's son, Danny Coombs.  Danny has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and is under treatment.  Pray for healing and the success of the medical efforts being made for Danny.

Please Pray for Bob Dawson. He fell yesterday, broke small vertebrae in his neck! He is at home.  Also Please pray for a quick recovery and also pray for his wife and caregiver, Harriet Dawson.

Jerry Starkweather thanks the congregation for their good thoughts and prayers! I am home and doing much better!

Shirley Boothroyd and her daughter Cheryl Chandler thank the congregation for their prayers

Libby Regan is requesting prayers for her friend Sandra Hawthorn in Illinois who recently experienced a heart attack. Please pray for comfort and a full recovery for this younger very active lady.

Please pray for Michael Thompson who is in the hospital in Ohio with kidney failure.  His family asks for prayers for healing and strength for this difficult battle.

Cathy Reitmyer is requesting prayers for 7 year old Harry Hazlitt, from Olcott, Ny, who has been fighting cancer for 2 years. His cancer has returned in the forms of tumors in his brain and lungs. The cancer, Osterosurcoma, is very aggressive. Please pray for a healing miracle and comfort for Harry and his famil

Jack and Annelle Baird are requesting prayer for their 15 year old cousin Jake Collett who has been recently diagnosed with Epilepsy. Please pray for the best control of his seizures and difficult adjustment for a teenager

Please pray for little Matthew Velazquez.  He is 4 years old and has a stomach obstruction.  He will be going to the hospital on April 12th for a procedure to gain some relief.  Also pray for his mother Vajaira Velazquex.  They are clients of our Infant and Toddler Pantry.

Please pray for Dana Parker's husband Richard.  Richard was in a serious motor vehicle accident and is at home presently recovering.  Dana is the Executive Director of Love INC.

Mary Starkweather is requesting prayers for Arlene Doman who is a Stonecrest resident. She is a friend of the church and has just learned that she has brain cancer and nothing can be done. Please pray for comfort and strength.

Please pray for William, who contacted our website for prayer, he is a 67 yr old man who had a bad rash inside my right hip area.  He went to the Dr was told it's a bedsore.  He needs prayer that it will quickly improve and not worsen because he is disabled and sit a

Dottie Landermann is requesting continued prayers for her brother Michael DelColle as he struggles to recover and rehab from the effects of a fall. Dottie thanks all for prayers and concern. Please continue to pray for pain relief and a successful rehab..

Dan and Pam Sabo are asking for prayers for their longtime friends, Bill and Nancy Orris.  Bill suffers from heart failure and Nancy with COVID and high fever.  They have called Hospice and Nancy is in the hospital.  Bill and Nancy come from Sabo's hometown

Please pray for Kathy Wright who is going through a difficult and painful time. Pray she receives comfort and peace.

Please pray for Pam and John Tracy.  They asked our church to pray for them as they weather some difficult issues.

Ray Gould is battling respiratory and other health issues.  Pray for healing, comfort and strength.  Also, pray for Ray's wife Sue.  The Gould's have been part of our church family for many ye.

Please pray for Timothy Doyle son of a good friend of Nancy Sharff who sang at the church recently. He is under treatment for cancer and needs our prayers and concern. Thank you..

Candy DeGarmo is requesting prayers for Pam Sheehan.  Pam has been very ill with Crohn's Disease.  She also recently had a skin cancer removed from her arm.  Due to her medications she does not heal very well.  Please pray for Pam.

Karin Roosa is asking for prayers for her brother Jim Heikkila who will be having surgery on January 31th for a mass in his bladder. Please pray to guide the surgeons hands, a successful surgery and positive outcome. Thank you

Pray for Carol Zaccone. Carol is home from a recent stay in Chatham Glenn.  She still needs our prayers for strength and healing.

Please pray for Sandy Hoffmann's friend, Danielle, who has been removed from her home and her children by DCF.  Pray she can get the assistance she needs and return to her children soon

Ginny Poe Klenk is requesting prayers for a dear friend's husband in Maine. His name is Erick Schlapak who had a stroke and is recovering after surgery at Mass General Hospital. Please pray for a full recovery and for Erick's family. Thank you.

Mary Starkweather is requesting prayers for Rod Sowers who is in the hospital with Covid. The doctors want to place him on a ventilator. Please pray for successful treatment and recovery.

Please pray for Caryl Peterson.  Caryl is a friend of Mary Starkweather and her brother, Bill.   She was diagnosed with lung cancer and will be starting radiation at Moffitt in Tampa next week.

Please pray for a member of Jim Keough's former pastorate in Michigan, Harry Moore.  Harry has had tests that reveal he has liver cancer. Treatment options are being considered. Please pray for healing and comfort.

Cathy Reitmyer is requesting prayers for her friend in Spruce Creek South, Rick Morressette. Last Friday he found out he has cancer and was told to go home and make the best of the time he has. Please pray for comfort both physically and emotionally for Rick and his friends and family. Thank you

Please pray for Kathy Carney.  Kathy is a good friend of Penny Stinton.  She has recently moved to Buffalo Crossings Rehab center and is receiving therapy.  Your prayers will be appreciated.

Diane Dresback is requesting prayers for our friend Sandy Hoffmann. Sandy has a suspicious lesion on her lung and an incurable condition in her mouth. A biopsy was not deemed necessary per her physician and she is being treated with medications. Please pray for her comfort.  Pray for healing and peace.

Mary Starkweather is requesting prayers for Ron Baldak who is experiencing severe pain in his spine from degenerative disc disease and arthritis. He is only in his 50's from Waterford Mi. Please pray for comfort and healing. Thank you.

Jack and Annelle Baird are requesting prayers for their neighbor Dave Charles. He has been newly diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He received a prayer shaw today and needs our prayers for successful treatment and recovery. Thank y

Diane Dresbach is asking for prayers for Helga York,. She has just recently been diagnosed with cancer and has moved into an assisted living facility. Please send cards of greetings and encouragement to Helga York, 66 Hawthorne Dr.  Apt. 215, Bedford, NH 03110 (mark your card "Friend from The Congregational Church in Florida".

Jan Doran is requesting prayers for Dolores L'Homedieu. Dolores has kidney cancer, needs surgery and possible kidney donation/transplant. Please pray for a successful surgery.

The children who visit our Infant and Toddler Pantry and their families.

Please pray for Gale Wigner.  Gale was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  He has had several surgical procedures The latest news is that recent tests show him to be clear of cancer.  If you want to send a card:  6819 Williams Lake Rd., Waterford, MI  48. Gail will be having additional surgery on 12/20 in Michigan. Please continue praying for healing.

Bill Deysher is requesting prayers for his son-in-law Scott Rofofsky who has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal and liver cancer. Please pray for comfort and successful treatment. Bill greatly appreciates your prayers and concern.

Pray for calm, patience and peace for our world and society.  The pandemic, troubles in Washington, economic distress and more are causing the very fabric of our lives to be ripped and shredded.  Tension in homes and marriages.  A rise in the suicide rate.  Schools reporting increased behavioral problems.  We need to pray for serenity and an end to the turmoil.  Our bodies will have an increased negative reaction to this culture of anger.  Sickness of every type will increase.  Calm down and

Please pray for Dawn Payzant.  Dawn has attended our services many times and is a good friend of Nancy Doggett.  Dawn lives in Nova Scotia.  She is currently suffering from an advancing case of Parkinson's Disease.

Please pray for Billie Thatcher's sister, Mary Lou Kovacs.  Mary Lou is suffering with severe memory issues.  Pray for her and husband

Pray for the necessary reforms to be brought about that will establish unity and justice for all citizens of our country.  May economic justice, police reform and an end to racism be established.

Pray for the families of the police officers and individuals who have been killed in the recent violence in our country.  Pray for the store and business owners who have lost everything to the senseless violence of the last few weeks.

Pray for peace to return to the cities and towns of our country.  Pray to stop the violence, looting and hatred.  Give our leaders the wisdom to take the actions necessary to restore order.

Pray for the many people around the world who are suffering from the coronavirus.  Pray to stop the spread of this virus, halt the panic, heal the many children and elderly it is afflicting.