October 4, 2020

“A Conversation With Yourself”

Passage: Luke 15:11-24
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Jesus tells a parable in the New Testament, recorded in the book of Luke, about a son who finds himself hurting and looking for a way out.  In his pain he talks to himself.  What he speaks becomes prayer like in its tone.  Jesus uses the account to teach that His Father, God, will never forsake us nor forget us.  God waits for us to "come to" ourselves, and is willing to meet us with the joy of welcome when we are ready to start life anew.  Do not be afraid to talk to yourself.  To do so may bring spiritual health.  To know that you are lost without God may be the best indication of your soundness of spirit.  Talk to yourself candidly and with sincerity.  Then turn to God, speaking with words which will assure you fullness of life: "I will arise, and go to my Father."