September 18, 2022

“A Successful Failure”

Passage: Philippians 1:8-18
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It is easy to write off a project when things don't work out as we had hoped.  However, our faith calls us to move on and to never give up.  Perhaps God has a good reason for allowing us to fall short of our goal.  Perhaps His perfect plan will be amazing when compared to our failed human endeavor.  The autumn season and it's harvest remind us that every end points us toward a new beginning.  Do you view this season as a time of falling leaves and approaching winter cold?  It is really a symphony of glorious color, harvested bounty and the fruit of our labor.  Don't despair when things go wrong or seem to be reaching an end point.  Thank the Lord for all your blessings and for the new challenges ahead.  With a spark of color He will turn failure into success!

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