February 27, 2022

“Are You Reaching For a Miracle?”

Passage: Mark 5:24-34
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Can you have a miracle in your life? Is God still working in the world in order to fulfill his will? The answer is absolutely an unequivocally YES. God does work in the world. God steps in and saves when the opportunity for saving seems bleak and impossible. Jesus survived because Joseph and Mary listened to the angel. Hundreds of Jewish people survived the holocaust because of the actions of a Christian pastor and his flock. People survive catastrophes in ways that are not easily explained. Miracles do happen in this world because we have a loving and caring God. A God who loves us so much that the Son was offered in our place in order to save us all. Like the woman in the Gospel of Mark with the issue of blood we just need to reach out in faith believing in Jesus with our whole heart and the thing that we desire can be ours. I believe in miracles!