May 15, 2022

“Being The Person You Were Designed To Be”

Passage: John 8:1-11
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The deepest desires of human nature are to have a sense of worth, to feel that you amount to something, that you are doing something, that you are creating something in this world.  The question that points to our success in life is "Am I the Person God Created Me To Be?"  Are you fulfilling your purpose? If you are not accomplishing your goals in life or if you feel you are falling short consider asking God to rebuild you and redirect your efforts.  The book of Job says "If you return to the Almighty, you will be built up."  Put this passage into your memory bank: turn it over; consider it; dwell on it; live by it and you will be amazed at the great source of strength it will be.  Turn to the Father and He will build you up.