February 5, 2023

“Carved Into the Lord’s Table”

Passage: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34
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".  Gathering at the Lord's Table is more than a time of passive and individual reflection.  When we observe of the Lord’s Supper we participate in a congregational act by which we corporately affirm our faith, celebrate the completed work of Christ, focus on our unity, and visibly proclaim to the world that Jesus is the way of salvation.  Why do we observe the Lord’s Supper?  We observe to commemorate a past event, to anticipate a future event, and to participate in the celebration of life between the two.  There is something so very precious about joining together in an act that demonstrates our love for Christ and our oneness with each other.  The Church has sat together at this sacred table for nearly two millennium.  Like our Savior we should feel the powerful attraction of this meal drawing us to our spiritual Jerusalem.  This do in remembrance!