February 20, 2022

“Down To Earth”

Passage: John 2:1-12
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It is obvious from the New Testament story of Jesus attending the wedding at Cana that he was a man who understood the people. It was that ability that made it possible for him to offer us eternal life. He could formulate a way to reach directly into the heart of human kind and open the door that self and sin had kept sealed. He further provides us with safety and protection from the enemies of life. Through Jesus the door is open and the living water (or in this case wine) begins to flow freely. "I stand at the door and knock" is the invitation to pour the new wine of the kingdom into your cup. But while God's door is open, it will also close someday. I say this not to frighten you, but rather to demonstrate the urgency of responding to him.. There is no other door to God. He came to earth to change your water into wine, heal your hurts, and give you a life that has no end.