April 5, 2020

Drive-In Church: “A Cloud of Dust”

Passage: John 12:12-19
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   Drive-in Church:  "A Cloud of Dust".  The heroes of my youth were all larger than life.  Teachers, our doctor, baseball stars (Mickey Mantle), and of course my Dad.  The sound of the William Tell Overture on the radio could always get my attention.  It was time for the Lone Ranger.  When he appeared on television and in the movies every young man of the 1950s and 1960s wanted to go catch the bad guys.

Imagine how the people of Galilee felt when Jesus would enter their town.  When he finished his miracles and moved on do you think someone might have said "who was that guy?"  In my office hangs a picture of Jesus returning in his second coming in victory.  He isn't on a donkey.  He is riding a beautiful white horse.  He is coming to beat the bad guys and be the champion of goodness.  We live in a moment in history that really needs to see a cloud of dust and hear a hearty "Hi-Yo Silver!"  "Away!"