October 3, 2021

“How Soon We Forget”.

Passage: Psalm 106:10-22
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It is a common trait of human kind that we fail to live in a way that honors the God who created us. No matter how many things God does for us, it doesn't change our hearts. The ingratitude, the endless craving for more, our sense of superiority to God and our envy and selfishness. We need something to be done in us to save and transform us, because we can't do it ourselves. In the movie "Superman Returns" , Lois Lane says, "The world doesn't need a savior. And neither do I." That expresses the deep language of the natural human heart, and it is utterly and fatally wrong. Today, more than ever, we need a Savior. Remember who has rescued us in the past and who is our only hope for the future.

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