February 19, 2023

“Let’s Make a Deal?”

Passage: Romans 12:2-13
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We should all be cautioned not to take comfort in the thought that our sins might be minor infractions or that they aren't a big deal because everyone else does the same. We must remember that Christ came to die for each of us individually. He did not die for sin as an abstraction. He died for your sins and mine. Even the little sins cannot be so little if they helped nail the Son of God to the cross. The sheer quantity of sin in the world and throughout history does not lessen the severity of a single sin. The world, and sometimes the church world, tries to convince us that this is a new age and sins are of less consequence. All sin is separation from God and an act of self. "If we repent of our sins He is faithful and just to forgive ..." Apart from repentance there are no deals to be made. The penalty for sin is death. The reward of a forgiven life through Christ is eternal life.