February 12, 2023

“Love Letters”

Passage: John 3:16 and 1 John 4:7-8, 17-19
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John Adams of Massachusetts, a patriot and founding father of our country, was a Congregationalist.  Adams spent long periods of time separated from his wife and children because of his service to our country in the early years of the republic.  The letters they wrote to each other sustained them and brought them through the dark times.  Winston Churchill and his wife, years later, would depend on letters to keep their relationship strong during war time.  Mrs. Churchill wrote: "Thinking about you has been the only pleasant thing today ...  I was so happy driving with you last night to the station.  There is no room for anyone but you in my heart -- you fill every corner."  In the difficult days of our lives there is a letter from the one who loves us above all others.  God's Word is a powerful statement of His great love for you.