August 28, 2022

“Motivated To Make a Difference”

Passage: Psalm 69:8-16 and 2 Corinthians 5:16-21
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What does it take to make a difference in our world, your community, your family or in your life? The two key ingredients are: 1. Faith in Christ who can provide the direction and power you need. and 2. Motivation to get yourself moving forward. Motivation determines the way believers serve the Lord. Some do so because it's the thing to do, or because they want recognition. Then there are others, who serve with urgency and zeal. Recognizing the terrible plight of people, and being deeply grateful for God's grace in their own lives, they give their best to those around them. The old hymn says: "Rise up, O men of God! Have done with lesser things; Give heart and soul and mind and strength to serve the King of Kings." Will anyone miss you when you're gone?

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