Online: “Metamorphosis”

April 12, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Mark 15:46-47, Mark 16:1-8 |


The resurrection of Jesus gives each of us our spiritual life. If it were not for the resurrection then we would not have eternal life. We would still be in darkness and destined to a life separated from God.  When we received the resurrected Savior in our hearts, He began the resurrection process, a metamorphosis, that changes us into a new creature in Christ.  Just like Adam in his fallen state died spiritually and then began dying physically, so believers are resurrected first spiritually on their way to a complete physical resurrection at the coming of the Lord.  God puts a “new spirit” within us (Ezek. 36:26).  Like the caterpillar changing (metamorphosis) in the cocoon we change in the protection of His arms.