October 24, 2021

“The Battle For The Soul of America – Part II”

Passage: 2 Chronicles 20:15, 22-28
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American culture is in need of an unprecedented spiritual revival. This reawakening is not one of denominationalism or doctrine, rather , it is a return to the heartfelt desire of a nation to work together for the common good. However, instead of cherishing religious liberty and individual freedom the pseudo intellectuals of our "educational" system and the voices of social media offer us a return to tribal loyalties. We have inflicted on us the prejudices and failed politics of the past from all ends of the political spectrum. America, divided by such failed ideas cannot long endure any more than could a nation that was half slave and half free survive. Americans watch 80 hours a week of television trash and rarely (I'm being generous) open their Bibles or pray. As Nero fiddled while Rome burned we text and go online while America falls. The time is short. "America, God Shed His Grace On Thee!"

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