July 24, 2022

“The Eagles On The Towers”

Passage: Isaiah 40:26-31
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Up on the arm of the electrical cable support tower there rests a huge pile of branches, twigs and nesting materials.  Inside the hallow created by instinct and God's design is the precious little eaglet.  Mother and father soar about finding food and take turns providing cover.  The height of this nursery is dizzying.  There is within a few feet of the nest cable that carries 200 to 500 kv (a kilovolt is 1000 volts).  Flying and nesting in this danger zone the eagle raises it's young.  The scripture tells us that we can rise up with wings like the eagle.  You too can soar above and around the dangers.  We can accomplish God's plan for our lives even when the circumstances seem to be impossible.  Live your life "On Eagle's Wings".

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