March 1, 2020

“The Great I Am”

Passage: Exodus 3:11-15 and John 8:54-59; 9:1-5
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"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." Our culture pushes us to make this claim.  We want to sing with Sinatra "I did it MY way!"  Something in our old nature wants to cry: I will be dependent upon no man -- nor upon God! But the journey with Jesus is a different path than self-determination. It is a path of obeying, of observing and following. Our purpose is to

know God and to become one with His Son.  In the Old Testament God proclaims to Moses "I Am".  In the New Testament Jesus teaches us who he is by saying "I Am" seven times in describing himself.  During this Lenten season we will seek to know Him better.  Allowing the "I Am" to fill us with unstoppable courage and inner power.