January 23, 2022

“The Lord Will Stand By You”. “His Presence”

Passage: Psalm 31:9-16 and Acts 23:6-11

In the nighttime many decisions are made. Sometimes the nighttime is a difficult time. Sometimes we wrestle with things in the nighttime and it’s not easy. Maybe the load of grief you’ve been going through for a period of time now seems to get heavier during the nighttime hours. Maybe the feeling of loneliness overwhelms you more at night than at any other time of the day. So, the nighttime can be a difficult time. Lately, our world seems to be in a state of constant darkness. We need to hear the message of Exodus "Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord." (Exodus 14:13). Our God is the ruler of the day and of the night. He stands by you.

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