April 11, 2021

“The Walmart Church – The Marketplace”

Passage: John 2:13-21
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When you travel to your local Walmart store to purchase a few items what are you expecting? Access to the items you want? The price you are used to paying? Pleasant staff who are knowledgeable about your purchases? Today the western church is a Walmart for your "spiritual" needs. We don't want to be challenged. We want all we need and more for the smallest possible price. No more "commitment" to the neighborhood shops.  Like a trip to Walmart if we don't find what we are looking for it will be off to the next "big box" church. Oh. Watch out Walmart Church - streaming church is available on the internet - Amazon Church may change everything. You will be able to jump from your Blog Church to thousands of other blogs. Surely you will find the blog church that teaches just what you already believe - no challenge, no growth necessary.