October 9, 2022

“The Water That Flows Over Stones Makes The Best Music”

Passage: 2 Timothy 3:10 - 17
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In our Christian walk if we desire to be where the action is we must find places of challenge and opportunities for service.

A pastor friend once said, "If things go along too smoothly, I get a little worried!"  He was pointing out the danger of complacency.  An attitude that weakens our spiritual strength and inevitably leads to defeat.  Rather than avoiding adversity or a difficult circumstance we need to accept them as a challenge or opportunity for growth.  The sound of a flowing stream over a rough bed of stones produces a beautiful and melodious sound.  A course of water that goes unimpeded by rock or barrier makes no sound.  There is something inspirational, even soothing, about the sound of water working its way  and bubbling down a rock laden stream.  Your life will make a wonderful sound as you find your way through the maze of difficulties and challenges with God's help.