August 27, 2023

“Serenity Prayer”

Passage: Psalm 150
Service Type:

The Power of Music in Worship.  The talent of Kevin O'Connell is clear and we enjoy his gift every Sunday in our worship.  What you hear speaks to you and provides a platform for the rest of our worship experience together.  Singing, giving our offerings, or sitting and preparing our hearts for prayer the music is essential to our spiritual connections.  There are many styles of music in the church. You may like traditional, classic or contemporary.  Kevin provides us with a variety of music so everyone gets to hear something that touches them.  This week you will hear a "jazz" service.  The sounds will bring to mind Gospel, Southern Gospel, African American traditional and more.  Enjoy, worship, and praise the Lord!

Note: The Service for today was changed because Kevin O'Connell came down with Covid and couldn't attend. Nancy Doggett performed the service and the Sermon.

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