August 1, 2021

“What Did You Expect?”

Passage: Psalm 89:27-37
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We listen to God's promises and read our own expectations into them. They cease to be God's Word and become our demands. When our visions don't materialize or the things we desire elude our grasp we are quick to blame God. The truth is that God's promises are true and he always keeps his word. If you presume to sit on God's throne and grant yourself divine powers you can expect to be disappointed. News Flash! You are a legend only in your own mind. Wishes are not promises. You can only expect to achieve what your effort will produce. Trust in the unlimited power of the Father, not in your limited intellect and flawed character. If it seems to you that God has not come through or broken his promise, take another look. He will never leave you and he has never failed you. Trust and receive.

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