July 17, 2022

“When They Knock The Props Out”

Passage: Deuteronomy 33:25-29 , 2 Corinthians 4:7-17
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There is a beautiful song in our Hymnal entitled "You Are My All in All".  The lyrics say: "You are my strength when I am weak; You are the treasure that I seek; You are my all in all. Seeking You as a precious jewel, Lord to give up, I'd be a fool; You are my all in all. Jesus Lamb of God, worthy is Your name! Jesus Lamb of God, worthy is Your name!" The truth is—He is my strength all the time. Unless I am depending on His Holy Spirit power, I am kidding myself. There is nothing of Kingdom value I can accomplish on my own. But I find when I am plugged into His power source I accomplish more with less effort. It isn’t me. It can never be me unless I am surrendered to Him each day.