June 26, 2022

“You Are Your Father’s Son”

Passage: Luke 2:41-52
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There is a line in one of the Harry Potter movies where Sirius Black (Harry's Godfather) looks at him and says "You Are Your Father's Son, Harry". It brings a big smile and a look of fulfillment to Harry's face. In more than our DNA we reflect the lives of our parents for good or ill. Our Lord is the perfect reflection of his Heavenly Father. His love, compassion, creativity, and vision are the result of his relationship with the Father. He said, "If you have seen me you have seen the Father". On Father's Day we remember the contribution made to our lives by our earthly fathers, we carry their life force in our cells and memories. However, we need to also understand that we carry the Holy Spirit and are therefore one with our Heavenly Father.

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